Our Vision

Since business is a ground-breaking force of progress and monetary turn of events, the people who lead organizations are called upon to assume progressively significant function in the general public to address these difficulties, N.I.M.S gives most bleeding edge, research driven information and abilities in a focused on, dynamic and profitable approach to suit the necessities of bosses in mechanical and corporate areas. At N.I.M.S we guarantee that our understudies become total and effective administrators in the briefest conceivable time and make a superior future for them. After the fruition of courses, competitors are profited severally. Top pioneers in the business open their situation entryways for our up-and-comers. You learn aptitudes that are unbeaten in your field. Gradually and consistently you become experts of your field.

Our Mission

NORWICH INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT STUDIES is resolved to give top notch the executives schooling through distance learning over the globe. The key advantage is adaptability of adapting anyplace. We join most recent scholarly information with worldwide capability. At N.I.M.S we commit our scholarly assets to propel the boondocks of organizations and to teach future pioneers. To comprehend and complex interdependencies, we mean to engage organizations and "their chief to comprehend and address the extensive changes influencing the world". The schooling philosophy supports autonomous reasoning and helps the understudy in creating all encompassing points of view, solid area information, contemporary ranges of abilities and uplifting mentalities. The MBA program has been created to empower understudies acquire a top notch the executives capability. The program permits understudies to seek after their full-time considers (assuming any) and working chiefs to stay in business or expert practice all through the length of study.


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N.I.M.S not only provides the pupil with a degree but also initiates counselling to make them choose what field of work they will excel in. N.I.M.S is not just a business school , it is also a guide and a mentor. This organization has created the best market leaders and has a proud alumni committee.


N.I.M.S has a well built professional relationship with the top recruiters in the industry. A graduate from N.I.M.S who have passed out with exemplary marks, is promised to be offered a great job opportunity with the help of the institution itself. Our placement assistance programs have helped bridge the talent gap plaguing various industries and job markets.


Since this organization was found with hard work and determination, despite having financial insecurities, the management keeps in mind of those who are in need of educational stability . We provide an amazing Scholarship program where a grant or payment will be made to support the student's education, awarded on the basis of academic achievements or financial background.

Get Educate, Spread education

"Let's join hands together & support these students to be successful in their positive aims."

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