Course Details:

Duration: 3 Years (Regular) Fast Track (1 Year)

Eligibility: Diploma/above

Work Experience: 3 Years

Exam and Duration: Online Exam- 2hrs/paper.

The course will prepare its students for a career in mining engineering and related areas of engineering or research and development. Career wise it definitely leaves the doors open and allows students to move into academia or into research and development, take on technical jobs, and of course work in the field of mining engineering, either as a technical lead, or an engineer itself. It is also a great building ground for those who wish to study further in this field, and provides a specialised start for the same. Graduates from this course may work as mining engineers, technical leads, scientific assistants, assistant managers, quality technicians, R&D Engineers, Quality assurance engineers, market research specialists, and etcetera, and be recruited by Colleges and universities, KPGM Bangalore, South Eastern Coalfields, Atlas Copco India, National Institute of Rock Mechanics, BARC, and etcetera. The course equips students not just with the essentials of mining engineering as a subject, but also the skills required to lead projects or communicate with clients that have invested in the extraction or the project as the case may be. It involves studying subjects such as electrical and mechanical engineering, engineering drawing, mining safety, mining survey, computer aided design and drafting, and etc. Thus the design of a project is also given great importance and so is the presentation of the same.

N.I.M.S , a division of Norwich Group, based in South India with its back end support office based in Thrissur, Kerala for more than a decade. Norwich Institute Of Management Studies helps in training , online courses and online exams . All the online courses and exams will be well monitored by the institution and ,the provided certificates are ISO certified and can also be used for International Travel and study based programs.

The right & deemed fit students will be provided with 100% placement assistance.

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