Category: MBA SP

Course Details:

Duration: Regular-2 years ( 4 semesters) Fast Track (6 Months )

Eligibility: graduation

Work Experience: Minimum 2 Years

Exam and Duration: Online Exam- 2hrs/paper.


An MBA will equip you for high-level positions in the business sector because it is a generalist degree. Numerous MBA programmes also have specialisations, which let you tailor your degree and get the best of both worlds in terms of basic business knowledge and specialised knowledge.

If you are confident of your professional path, specialising in a particular area through an MBA programme, such as an MBA in Finance or Analytics, might increase your marketability after graduation.

Exists a top MBA specialisation or top MBA specialisation for the foreseeable future? We would generally disagree and argue no. However, if your job experience and aspirations are unique and are focused on a certain area, there could be an MBA stream that is perfect for you.

N.I.M.S , a division of Norwich Group, based in South India with its back end support office based in Thrissur, Kerala for more than a decade. Norwich Institute Of Management Studies helps in training , online courses and online exams . All the online courses and exams will be well monitored by the institution and ,the provided certificates are ISO certified and can also be used for International Travel and study based programs.




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