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What Provides by NIMS to the Education Industry


N.I.M.S learning institute, over and above an Educational degree provides the pupil with career counselling to help them choose which field of work they would excel in. N.I.M.S is not just a “business school” , it is a guide and a mentor.

This organization has created the best market leaders and has a proud alumni community

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N.I.M.S has a well-built professional relationship with most of the top recruiters in the industry. A graduate from N.I.M.S with exemplary marks, would be offered a great job opportunity with the help of the institution’s in house placement cell. Our placement assistance programs have helped bridge the talent gap plaguing various industries and job markets.

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N.I.M.S Organization was built on a strong foundation of hard work and determination; The management keeps in mind of those who are in need of educational stability but lack the financial stability.

We provide an amazing Scholarship program where a grant would be made to support the student's education, awarded on the basis of academic achievements or financial background.

Our Courses

Providing world-class services over the years, NIMS has won not just the hearts of its students but also secured many awards through our continued efforts towards maintaining the highest standards in education and social commitment. We owe it all to our academic research team, staff and students who had been our strength and our perpetual source of motivation through the years of service.

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What Our Students Says

Students are our most valued assets and their words are:

  • Rajesh Menon

    I am a working professional at Caltech. I had to take an engineering course to work on my new mars rover project with my collegue Mr.Howard, so I heard from a friend that Norwich institute was offering engineering courses which could be completed within a span of 6 months. The course was very educating and economical .

  • TONY

    I was looking for a good and trustworthy distance eduactional institution in India thats when I found out about N.I.M.S. This organization is really amazing as they gave me a mechanical degree in engineering really fast so I could apply for a job in the states. I am currently working in star labs” – all thanks to N.I.M.S


    I wanted to go to poland for my higher studies. but i needed a degree certificate to apply to the institution. I only had 6 months to apply for a visa. so N.I.M.S approached me with their fast track program in bachelor of commerce. I graduated from N.I.M.S with a scholorship and is now currently studying in Poland.


    I had completed by BBA and was looking for an institution which provides a great MBA dual specialization programme. I graduated from n.i.m.s and is helping my husband with his business.

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"Let's join hands together & support these students to be successful in their positive aims."

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