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Duration: 2 Years (4 semesters) Fast Track - 1Year, Eligibility: Graduation. Work Experience: 3 Years, Exam and Duration: Online Exam- 2hrs/paper.


A master's level course is M.Tech Architecture. The architects in this course are the practical designers of incredible structures and buildings. A career in architecture is lucrative, appealing, and offers a lot of room for expansion. A profession in architecture also requires a number of necessary talents in addition to the prerequisites. Candidates have a wide range of work choices in many sectors after finishing this course. This training is beneficial, significant, and career-focused in nature. Additionally, the country's several institutes provide it on a part-time basis.

Working Areas for M.Tech Architecture: Public Works Department
The National Building Organization, the Ministry of Defense, and the Town and Country Planning Organization
public sector, National Institute of Urban Affairs, departments of railways, and post and telegraph

N.I.M.S , a division of Norwich Group, based in South India with its back end support office based in Thrissur, Kerala for more than a decade. Norwich Institute Of Management Studies helps in training , online courses and online exams . All the online courses and exams will be well monitored by the institution and ,the provided certificates are ISO certified and can also be used for International Travel and study based programs.

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