Aim & Objective

NORWICH INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT STUDIES was founded with the sole intention to provide best in class skill assessment to students who are planning to become professionals by coming up with the best curriculum and syllabus available in the educational sector. We believe that by doing so a person can be the best of oneself and enhance in terms of self improvement and the betterment of the society.

Transformation of students into professionals It is our mission to transform our students to market leaders. The Aim of N.I.M.S is to shape up every individual's life & career. Education teaches us to be civilized in the society. Every individual have different interest & need. They have different goals to be achieved in life. So their aims are also different to get educated: Education brings change to your career. It inserts cultural values in you & become a new "You".

Developing a syllabus that is well thought out and designed Compared to other institutions N.I.M.S helps the student choose in what field he/she can excel. The vast options of curriculum and the latest subjects prevailing in the educational industry helps the students know the advancements that is going to happen in the future and prepare mentally to face them

Get Educate, Spread education N.I.M.S aims at focusing & bringing passion to the young generation of today to "Get Educate, Spread Education". With the aim of empowering world, we are bringing the concept of free education & support the social cause. Education creates social organization in society by harmonizing the attitudes, ideas, habits, customs, emotions and sentiments of the people. Informing every individual to opt for right job. N.I.M.S is keen on preparing the technical workforce also. It will broaden up the minds of the society. It helps you understanding the duty of youth towards the nation.

What We Can Do For You

Students can complete the selected program in just one year. The cardinal aim is to make our MBA program industrially and socially germane utilizing the input from business and industry.


    All our study materials including online textbooks and exams are well accounted and inspected by educational experts. The material is thoroughly proof-read by booming industrialists so that the student graduating get the best and updated knowledge in their respective field .

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    The certificates provided by N.I.M.S are globally recognized and is ISO certified. The certificates we provide are 100% authentic and can be used by the graduate to go for higher studies, to apply for jobs especially in foreign countries or to achieve promotions in an existing job. The certificate can also be couriered to the student’s respective address and contains the institution’s legal seal, the official stamp and the sign of the institution’s director.

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    The syllabus provided by N.I.M.S is like no other. What we provide is comprehensive, easy to understand and follow and is also spellbinding. Our syllabus maintains consistency and is prepared by trained professionals. We have designed our syllabus with two main objectives: first; it’s a tool that informs students of the things they need to know to become more successful learners and second; to gradually build one’s ability to implement more complex scenarios until they reach an expert level.

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    All our exams are held online so that the students can attend them with the comfort of his/her home without the stress of examination halls. All our exams are Multiple Choice Questions(MCQ’s) so that the exams are crisp and clear rather than time- consuming. Our questions are prepared by diplomats who are leaders in their respective fields and the exams are reviewed and checked by the latest automated software so that the student does not have to worry about flaws or miscalculation of the answers.

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Get Educate, Spread education

"Let's join hands together & support these students to be successful in their positive aims."

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