Course Details:

Duration: 3 Years (Regular) Fast Track (1 Year)

Eligibility: Diploma/above

Work Experience: 3 Years

Exam and Duration: Online Exam- 2hrs/paper


Electronics engineering at the graduate level is known as graduation in electronics. The science of electronics examines the movement and regulation of electrons (electricity), as well as their behaviour and effects in diverse contexts. The brain of contemporary technology is electronics. Even computers are made of electronic components. It is a subject that is always in demand and offers chances for technicians in the engineering fields of maintenance and service, support for research, production control, quality control, and marketing. The programme lasts for three years. Students who successfully complete the degree have numerous employment options in both the commercial and public sectors in India and overseas. The various options for subjects to study after graduating in electronics, such as electronics, instrumentation, telecommunication, medical electronics, and computer science.

• In order to succeed, students should be motivated by the subject and work hard.

• They should have abilities including clear communication, effective planning, organizational prowess, and effective coordination.

• They have the capacity to recognise, analyze, and resolve issues as well as carry out intricate and complex work.


          Graduation in Electronics is a advanced level Electronics Engineering course. Electronics is a science branch, deals with the study of flow and control of electrons (electricity) and the study of their behaviour and effects in various spheres. Electronics is the brain of modern technology. Even the computer is an electronic device. It is an evergreen subject that provides opportunities for technicians in the following areas of Engineering like maintenance & service, research assistance, production control, quality control and marketing. The duration of the course is three years. After passing the course, students have wide job scope both in private and government sectors in India and abroad. Graduation in Electronics also provides many choices of subjects for further higher studies like electronics, instrumentation, telecommunication, medical electronics and computer science.

• Students should have interest in the very subject and hardworking nature to achieve their goals.

• They should possess skills such as good communication, good planning, organisation skills and good coordination.

• They also can undertake detailed and elaborate work; the ability to identify, analyse and solve problems.


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