Course Details:

Duration 2 Years (Regular) Fast Track (6 months)

Eligibility: Graduation or above

Work Experience: 3 Years

Exam and Duration: Online Exam- 2hrs/paper.

Students who complete the course can work in a field related to it. Graduates have the option of applying for jobs as a budget analyst, finance manager, bookkeeper, chief information officer, mutual funds broker, business consultant, system designer, manager, and many other positions.

Graduates are typically paid between 30,000 and 6 lakhs Indian rupees annually. Among the top employers of this course's graduates are Wipro, Polaris, Cognizant, HP, Capgemini, L&T Infotech, Indusland Bank, and many others. The computer application course in the master's programme includes numerous goals. Its primary goal is to disseminate information broadly so that students can completely comprehend it in a standard manner and its applications in various facets of the business world.

Additional goals exist.are the following for a master's programme in computer applications: First and foremost, the goal is to provide students with a path to pursue professional studies. Second, to impart to the commerce students all the recent and forthcoming innovations in the many areas of commerce. Thirdly, to inspire the students to use the knowledge they have acquired throughout the course to improve society as a whole. Fourth, to give students as much education as possible so they can find good jobs in the business, industry, and other related fields. The Master of Commerce in Computer Applications offers the candidate a variety of opportunities to specialise in areas including developing and designing. Additionally beneficial to the candidate is a master's degree in business (computer applications).to conduct banking, finance, and accounting. After completing an M.Phil. or doctorate in the aforementioned or a comparable field, individuals may also add one more professional degree to their list of accomplishments. It is the course that is sufficient for a person who wishes to have a successful job. The career chances of the aspirant are increased with this professional degree.

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