Terms & Conditions

I agree to the following terms and conditions (please tick in the box)
1. Fee stated herein are inclusive of GST.
2. The fee shall change from time to time, and the applicable fee will be valid on the date of payment.
3. If the payment is made through Foreign Currencies (other than Indian Rupees), the foreign exchange rate variations will be to the account of the payer.
4. Any change in the rules and regulations of the Institution will be applicable to the applicant from the date of implementation of the said rules and regulations.
5. Late payments are not acceptable, under any circumstances.
6. Details of debit/credit card of the applicant will be shared with payment facilitators who enable receipt of online payments by the Institution. However, the said details will be kept confidential and will not be shared with any other third party, except the payment facilitators as mentioned herein. It is expressly clarified that the Institution is not responsible for any payment related issues beyond the payment facilitators appointed by the Institution.

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