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Duration 1 year (Regular) Fast Track (3 Months ), Eligibility: 10th Pass, Work Experience: 1 Year, Exam and Duration: Online Exam- 2hrs/paper.


Labour Law governs labour in India and ensures better worker protection. Indian labour law can be traced back to the Indian Independence Movement and now applies to issues such as working conditions, industrial relations, remuneration, and employment. Unlike tort, contract, or property law, aspects of labour law are somewhat homogeneous. Labor law has resulted in the strengthening of collective contractual relations and statutory requirements over time. Industrial Relations

• Personnel Management Principles and Practice

• Legislation affecting working conditions Pursuing Labour Law provides a wide spectrum of career choices in various sectors along with a career in statutory compliance and industrial relations. Labour lawyers can work in both the public and private sectors.

The following job profiles are available after completing a Labour Law course:

• Associate Professor

• Labor Law Enforcement Officers

• Workplace Welfare Officer

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