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Duration 3 years (Regular) Fast Track (1 year), Eligibility: 12Th Pass/ BPP , Work Experience: 3 Years, Exam and Duration: Online Exam- 2hrs/paper

The Computer Applications programme is meant to give students the abilities they need to operate computer application software. Word processing, spreadsheets, databases, desktop publishing, the Internet, and Windows operating systems are among the applications covered. Lessons will equip students with the abilities to function in a variety of workplace environments. A computer's high calculating speed, diligence, correctness, dependability, or versatility have led to its integration as a necessary component in all commercial organisations. Business companies use computers for Calculating payroll Budgeting Analysis of Sales forecasting financial data Since everyone is so dependent on technology today, computer applications play a crucial part in society. One such device that has ingrained itself into every aspect of our lives is the computer. Given the variety of applications,There is a greater need than ever to master computer science because of what it has to offer. The current rise in the IT sector indicates that both in India and overseas, there is a demand for expertise in the field of computer applications. Furthermore, it might go further with the government's ambitious aim for digitalization. They are able to command a higher wage thanks to the enormous supply and demand mismatch in the industry of computer applications.

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