Course Details:

Duration 3 years (Regular) Fast Track (1 year)

Eligibility: 12Th Pass/ BPP

Work Experience: 3 Years

Exam and Duration: Online Exam- 2hrs/paper

Candidates with a BA in Psychology have access to a wide range of professional options, including those as researchers, associates, writers, social workers, teachers, and more. Candidates will have a variety of opportunities available after earning a bachelor's degree in psychology in every industry. Candidates can train for positions in the public sector or seek for positions in the private sector. To improve their chances of finding better employment in the future, candidates can also pursue higher education in psychology. After completing their undergraduate degree, students can enrol in psychology master's programmes or other certification or certificate programmes. Candidates may also choose a doctoral programme. A candidate may apply for the following postgraduate or certificate/diploma courses: • Postgraduate Diploma in Clinical Psychology • Postgraduate Diploma in Mental Health Counseling • Postgraduate Diploma in Rehabilitation in psychology Graduates with a BA in Psychology have a variety of employment options. Either the governmental or private sectors are available for employment. For this stream, some businesses offer employment or seek out applicants. The study of mental processes, brain functioning, behaviour in people and animals, as well as how individuals behave in societies under various conditions, is known as psychology. It is frequently referred to as the "Hub Science" because of its connections to the social sciences, education, and medicine. It is a broad area of study that covers a variety of themes and directions. One of the top programmes in this sector is the BA in Psychology.

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