Course Details:

Duration 3 years (Regular) Fast Track (1 year)

Eligibility: 12Th Pass/ BPP

Work Experience: 3 Years

Exam and Duration: Online Exam- 2hrs/paper

The three-year BA English curriculum emphasises English literature as well as cultural studies, the history of English literature, modern literature, rhetoric, and other topics. Students study a variety of plays, novels, and poems from various historical periods in order to debate and discuss the times in which these works were produced, the author's intentions, the works' cultural significance, literary skill, and character depth.
After completing their BA in English, students can enrol in post-graduate programmes like the MA in English. There are many PG courses available to students, including the MBA programme. Following a BA in English with an MBA will assist students achieve managerial positions.
Since BA English is one of the most popularly chosen degrees in India, there is no specific justification for studying it. However, the list of a handful of the 

top justifications for choosing to get a BA in English

Enhance your Language Skills: English is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world today. Therefore, earning a degree in English will eventually help you gain a firm grasp of the language and may also help you land some of the most esteemed positions in the nation.

There is a lot of flexibility and choice with the degree; there is no absolute requirement that one pursue a master's after earning a bachelor's in English. One of the few topics, English, allows students to pick from a variety of career paths after completing the course work.

Open up a Wide Range of Career Possibilities: Having an English degree will help you acquire 

Numerous options for intriguing and exciting work exist in a variety of disciplines, including teaching, translating, language expertise, journalism, publishing, etc.

Possibility of Studying Overseas: English is a subject that is studied all over the world and offers a choice of modules that can be studied abroad. Universities frequently include a year abroad programme in their course offerings so that you can customise your degree to suit your interests in travel as well.

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