Course Details:

Duration 2 Years (Regular) Fast Track (6 months)

Eligibility: Graduation or above

Work Experience: 3 Years

Exam and Duration: Online Exam- 2hrs/paper

The goal of the Masters in Commerce programme in India, which is a postgraduate degree, is to give students a thorough understanding of the numerous facets of banking and commerce. It has been one of the most well-liked options for B.Com. and B.Com. (Hons) graduates in India since it provides a more in-depth understanding of business and management, which is necessary for the efficient operation of enterprises and organisations. The course is able to open up a career path for prospective academics, researchers, and teachers thanks to its wide curriculum in the areas of business, banking, finance, marketing, and management, among other things.

This Program offer a distinctive curriculum in India that enables students to select a combination of core and elective courses, ensuring that each graduate is specially skilled in a variety of fields and making them more appealing to recruiters. While the more complex disciplines will give students in-depth training in subjects like business, accounting, and field-specific training. Candidates will have the option of selecting a specialisation in addition to their degree, making them experts in the subject of commerce. Any commercial activity depends on finance, and effective financial transaction management is essential to the long-term success of the enterprise. Accounting may be summed up as the correct management of a company's financial transactions by maintaining them in a book or entry type manner. With extending the chances for business growth Companies today need a devoted team of employees that can manage their financial concerns effectively and efficiently.

This has led to an increase in the industry's need for qualified students with a background in commerce. A master's level programme in accounting and finance aims to meet the demands of the industry by developing master's level students into professional and qualified individuals. Through its extensive syllabus and wider covered area, which gives the students a 360-degree understanding of the concepts and principles, the course fulfils these aims.

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