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Duration: 1 Year (Regular) Fast Track (3 Months ), Eligibility: 12th Pass or Above, Work Experience: 2 Years, Exam and Duration: Online Exam- 2hrs/paper.

The course is most appropriate for people who want to improve their understanding of modern designs. This curriculum offers the ideal fusion of technology and management aligned to the unique needs of the textile industry, which is becoming more complicated and competitive in the modern textile sector. A certain set of technical skills, along with creativity, helps to integrate and balance creative design and technology. This course can be an extension of knowledge for students with prior experience in the textile management industry, enabling them to advance and thrive in the sector both domestically and internationally. Such graduates may be employed in fields like Company Outlets, Marketing Companies, Customer Relations, as Designing Executives, Textile Designers, Interior Designers, Assistant Merchandisers, and Textile Fabric Graphic Designers.Human Resources, Textile Showrooms, Cost and Inventory Control Sector, Textile Production Facilities, etc. The typical annual tuition for the degree in India is between INR 75,000 and 2.2 lakhs each academic year, and the average annual pay for such professionals is between INR 2 lacs and 15 lacs per annum, rising with experience and expertise.

N.I.M.S , a division of Norwich Group, based in South India with its back end support office based in Thrissur, Kerala for more than a decade. Norwich Institute Of Management Studies helps in training , online courses and online exams . All the online courses and exams will be well monitored by the institution and ,the provided certificates are ISO certified and can also be used for International Travel and study based programs.

The right & deemed fit students will be provided with 100% placement assistance.

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