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Duration 1 Year (Regular) Fast Track (3 Months), Eligibility:10th Pass. Work Experience: 1 Year, Exam and Duration: Online Exam- 2hrs/paper.

The programme seeks to provide human resources at the technician level for the dairy industry. It is also aimed to improve the technical proficiency of lower level employees and technicians already employed in the dairy industry and related industries. The development of capabilities in milk procurement, fluid milk processing, value-added product manufacture, and quality control issues in dairy plants will be the main focus. In order to promote self-employment in dairy processing activities, it will also impart the development of entrepreneurial skills. The information provided will help with hygiene and excellent manufacturing standards in the processing industry. The market and export potential for high-quality milk and milk products is good.

The goal of the dairy industry's diploma in dairy technology is to develop skilled technician-level human resources. It seeks to promote vocational and entrepreneurial skills to increase employment options, especially for young people from underprivileged backgrounds and those living in rural areas, as well as for self-employment. It intends to address the need for labour in the dairy and food processing sectors and has an emphasis on improving the knowledge and skills of current employees. The programme meets the educational needs of dairy farmers, milk processors, skilled workers/technicians in the dairy industry, staff members of State Dairy Federations, dairy departments of State and Central Government, educators, business owners, and NGO functionaries/extension trainers/rural educators. The Ministry of Food Processing Industries is helping to design the planned programme.

N.I.M.S , a division of Norwich Group, based in South India with its back end support office based in Thrissur, Kerala for more than a decade. Norwich Institute Of Management Studies helps in training , online courses and online exams . All the online courses and exams will be well monitored by the institution and ,the provided certificates are ISO certified and can also be used for International Travel and study based programs.

The right & deemed fit students will be provided with 100% placement assistance.

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