Course Details:

Duration: 4 Years (Regular) Fast Track (1 Year)

Eligibility:  3 Year Diploma

Work Experience: 4 Years

Exam and Duration: Online Exam- 2hrs/paper. 

Students are given a curriculum for the specialised idea of ECE (Electronics and Communications Management) through this course, which includes extensive theoretical and practical knowledge of digital electronics and communication principles.

Microprocessor, Electronics and Communication, Analog Transmission, Digital Communication, Analog Communication, Satellite Communication, Wave Progression, Microwave Engineering, etc. are only a few of the ideas covered by the ECEM (Electronics and Communications Management) course.

After completing an ECEM (Electronics and Communications Engineering Management) course, applicants have a wide range of career options and employment prospects to choose from. Candidates with degrees have the option of working for the government or for a private company. After earning a degree, students have a variety of career opportunities, including software engineer, network designer, application developer, web developer, and hardware developer  communication manager, a CAD engineer, etc. A candidate's initial pay can range from INR 3 to 6 LPA.


Communications and Electronics Research, design, development, and testing of electronic equipment utilised in diverse systems are all part of engineering management (ECEM). Engineers in electronics and communications also design communications and broadcast systems and supervise their production. This field of engineering focuses on microwave engineering, satellite communication, antennae, fundamental electronics, microprocessors, solid-state devices, digital and analogue communication, analogue integrated circuits, and analogue transmission. Additionally, it deals with the production of electronic components, circuits, and communications technology. Aviation and avionics, consumer electronics, electricity plants, manufacturing, transportation, communication and telecommunication, computer applications, radio and television, diagnostic equipment manufacturing, and offshore companies are all possible places for an electronics and communication engineer to find employment. Exists an possibility to work in the public and commercial sectors, as well as the federal and state governments. What will your job description be?


Here is a list of several job titles:


Electronics Engineer


Engineer for field tests


Planned Network Engineer


Consultant for electronics and communications


Engineer for customer support


Tech in Electronics

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